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At The Healthy Movement Hub we believe in making ourselves better than we were yesterday. It's a simple philosophy, be better - every day.  The power to improve day on day, overtime, yields incredible growth. Be Better simply means whether you're healthy, injured, lost or leading the pack, you can always improve on where you are at. That's why we offer a range of modalities and treatment approaches to ensure we have what it takes to help you be better.




Chiropractic can be effective in providing safe, natural relief and management of musculoskeletal conditions including headaches, low back pain and neck pain to name a few.


We are passionate about helping people out of pain with massage. The great news is our massage is tailored to your needs to get you the results you want.




To successfully treat and rehabilitate injuries, our Physiotherapist accurately identifies and employs the most appropriate evidence based best practice to suit each individual’s specific needs and circumstances.

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Wholesome Health Chiropractic

At Wholesome Health Chiropractic we offer a full suite of services to cater for all your biomechanical needs. Our aim is to provide expert, evidenced based care, that is tailored to the individual needs of every patient that comes through our door. The personal approach to your care and rehabilitation is what sets us apart.

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Wholesome Health Massage

Our unique fusion of Remedial Massage techniques blended with our amazing hot stones. This gives our clients' well being and the best part is it feels FANTASTIC! The heat from the hot stones feels so good, your muscles relax allowing you to receive a deep massage that reaches all the achey bits!

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In Motion Physiotherapy

In Motion Physiotherapy identify and employ the most appropriate evidence based best practice to suit each individual’s specific needs and circumstances. Regardless of your age, background, injury or personal situation, Maartje has the training, skills and experience to select and undertake the most appropriate treatment for you to get you back in motion.

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Our Team


Grace Stephen

Principal Chiropractor

Felicity Zambo

Remedial Massage Therapist

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One of the hardest parts of moving well is to keep moving. Here are some of our partners in healthy movement that we're proud to partner with.

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